Micro-lending: The financing of the future

Informal systems Since traditionally the poor of the world haven’t had access to credit and other financial services, they have had to rely on informal methods to save and borrow. “Collateral-free lending, proximity, timely delivery and flexibility in loan transactions are some of the attractive features of the informal credit system. In such a situation,Continue reading “Micro-lending: The financing of the future”

Educational Access for girls in Pakistan

Current Situation Presently in Pakistan there is a great divide between the access to education between girls and boys. Although statistics vary by provinces within the country, the literacy and enrollment rates for women through the country are persistently and vastly lower than the rates for their male counterparts. Impediments to Equal Educational Access ViolenceContinue reading “Educational Access for girls in Pakistan”

Illegality of the use of Drones in Pakistan

What are drones? How and why are they being used?             Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) more commonly known as drones are small aircraft, which is controlled remotely by a computer or pilot on the ground. The CIA has been using ‘Predator’ drones, which carry air to surface missiles, to conduct air strikes in Pakistan, primarilyContinue reading “Illegality of the use of Drones in Pakistan”

Alternatives to Slum Demolitions in India

Since 2000, slum demolition in major cities across India has dramatically increased. Slum demolition wrecks havoc on those families displaced and causes economic disruption, what are the alternatives? Why does Slum Demolition Matter? Investment in Human Capital Slum dwellers are vital parts of the economy, filling low wages positions and their work contributes to theContinue reading “Alternatives to Slum Demolitions in India”