We are all mothers

I understood conceptually the importance of the mother/child relationship, but it wasn’t until I had my own children, that the horror of suffering and disenfranchisement that many around the world live in became a tangible feeling in my chest and my gut. The wrenching feeling of watching a child drinking brown water from a polluted river, because they had no other option, the terror a mother must feel at hearing gunshots, or bombs erupting in the night while their child holds them, knowing that they were at risk. The hallow, almost lightheaded feeling of imagining the physical pain or disfigurement a child experiences for no reason other than man’s un-relenting need for more. More power, more control, more money more resources, more everything. That desire for more which concentrates the power, money, and resources in the hands of a powerful few, and leaves nothing for the masses.

There are countless struggles going on throughout the world today. Wars, famine, disease and other forms of suffering are common day occurrences for much of the world’s population. So much so, that we have come to accept it as normal. But this state of existence is not normal, it is man-made and therefore we have the power to make it different, to make change in our systems, structures and lives.

Children are the biggest victim within these circumstances because they have no control over the circumstances they are brought into, they have no social power (generally speaking) to spark change, and are subject to their surroundings. As the “grown-ups” it is our responsiblity to provide them with as safe a world as possible. When we look at “mother” as a verb, it is defined as “the art of bringing up a child with care and affection.” In this sense, we are all mothers, seeking to enhance a child’s life with care and affection, even when they are not biologically born to you. When we all contribute to our community, both locally and globally, and seek to leave a positive mark where we have been, we are caring for the generations what will come after us.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming. When such negativity and sadness seem so prevelant, where do we start? How do we start? How can we, as individuals who are so small, really make a difference in a world so large? But it is possible. You don’t have to change entire policial systems or global policies, but can make an impact and improve the conditions of other individuals and enact posistive change in the world. This blog is dedicated to not only provided data and background knowledge on global issues around the world, but also to give you an opportunity to learn specific ways you can help, or contribute to helping those in the situation. Each entry will include links to organizations or people who are actively involved in bettering a situation who you can contact and get involved with if you feel so moved. Because you can make a difference. Because you can enact change.

Because we are all mothers.



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